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M & R Welding -

At RMS Engineering, we have in house facility to perform welding and fabrication services. It supports our clients to fulfil the industrial requirements. We have qualified welders and fabricators who have experience in working with versatile materials to produce the desired products.

Our experts can fabricate from drawings. We cover all types of weldments, custom machine frames to handle all your fabrication needs.

We perform the welding of rare metals that are difficult to weld under standard procedures. Examples of metals include cast Iron, Brass, Bronze, Inconel (Burner coils), etc. Our facility helps in restoration of various components such as machine base machine frames, bull gears, machine components, shafts, etc.

Benefits of working with RMS Engineering

We provide outstanding technical support

We have trusted and approved technology

We have all-round service capability


High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) and Cold Spray are the spray metallization techniques that improve the surface characteristics of a material. Also, it increases the life span of material in extremely corrosive environments. HVOF increases the life span of material without modifying the toughness and the structural characteristics.

HVOF technique decreases the number of oxidized particles during the process. With the HVOF technique, we ensure to reduce porosity in the final coating and improve the anchorage degree of the surface coating.

HVOF is referred to following metals including tungsten carbide cobalt, chromium carbide nickel chrome, stellite various grades, tungsten carbide nickel chrome, etc.

The process has the following application.

It is used in various rolls in steel mill.

Method improves the frictional coefficient

It is useful in Furnace rolls /ball valves and seats high temp application

It is applicable in oil industry pump sleeves

Pump components for cavitation and erosion

Thermal Spray -

We have years of experience in performing thermal spray coatings. We at RMS Engineering have profound knowledge and understanding to produce superior finished parts. We use state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience to serve the client's requirements.

We perform all thermal spray processes to enhance equipment performance, increase wear, corrosion resistance, and prolong component life, etc. With thermal spray services, we deliver entirely customizable services as per the needs of our client.

We use the right equipment and the proper levels of heat energy to change the structure of our coating materials. We use various materials for thermal spray coatings. The material includes multiple alloys such as Chrome Oxide (Cr2o3), Alumina Titania (Al2o3+Tio2), Aluminum Oxides, ETA/PP/PTFE, NiCrBSi (Warm 6000c), etc. We are happy to help our client to find suitable thermal spray material for your requirements.

The process is most suitable for -

Furnace rolls /flingers oils seals pump sleeves

Pump sleeves shaft oils seal areas

To increase the electrical resistance and hardness of the material

Shafts bearing areas pump sleeves (if higher bond strength is required)

Powder Welding -

We at RMS Engineering perform Powder welding. The process gives a smooth, dense coating, which is essential for material with little or no further machining. The technique has broad application for glass moulds, smaller parts, and repairs. The process is especially suited for the restoration of cast iron and machined parts.

Powder welding holds various benefits including -

It improves welding characteristics

It improves weld metal quality

It is useful in critical applications where the demands on mechanical properties are high

It increases product efficiency

Plasma Transferred Arc Welding -

It is a thermal process for applying wear and corrosion-resistant layers on surfaces of metallic materials. Here, the highly energetic plasma arc melts the surface of the base material. The method holds various advantages like a low dilution rate, a small heat-affected zone, and a high deposition rate.

Plasma transferred arc welding is an essential process in industrial manufacturing. The process is useful in the production of mining equipment, bottle molds, valve seats, and for fixing extruder screws or aircraft turbines.

Advantages of Plasma transferred arc welding -

The process extends the life of components

It makes the product resistant to sustain in high-temperature fluctuations

The method produces smoother deposits

It reduces the amount of post-weld machining

It is an automated set-up and allows control over weld parameters